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MY Story

Dr. Beck is an expert in the function of the human body. Her goal for you is not only to help you be pain and stiffness free, but to help you reach optimal wellness. Whether your sport is of the 9-5 desk jockey variety or nude toddler chasing, section hiking the Timberline Trail or a few too many hours of Netflix & Chill, you can receive benefits from comprehensive chiropractic care.

After a freak boating accident in her teens, Dr. Beck had years of debilitating lower back pain. A shopping trip with friends would leave her hunched over “like an old lady” to relieve the pain. The first day of her menses would send the same but stronger radiating pain to her low back. After an MRI, her allopathic doctors told her she had “juvenile disk disease” and prescribed physical therapy to get stronger abdominal muscles. Her physical therapist told her that she already had strong abdominal muscles and they didn’t think extra core work would relieve her low back issue. It took a few years, but today Dr. Beck does not have that debilitating lower back pain thanks to conservative care including yoga, healthy exercise, mindfulness practice, chiropractic care specific to her hyper-mobile self, and a diet focused on nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats. In the past few years, Dr. Beck has circumnavigated Mt. Hood twice, went through a pregnancy, and is now a professional child wrangler at home and does not experience the debilitating lower back pain from that accident. This is possible for you too.

Dr. Beck believes education is part of your success, so she loves when you want to be part of your active care. (Ask question!)






Dr. Beck uses a number of highly-effective spinal and extra-spinal adjusting approaches to help improve biomechanics and function. Often, only a few appointments are needed to get you on your way.

Functional Medicine & nutrition

Dr. Beck works with individuals to identify root causes of their conditions and to develop a healthy lifestyle that works with their goals in a food-first philosophy. She enjoys observing lab work (such as hemoglobin and cholesterol) reflect the positive changes.

therapEUTIC Exercise

Whether returning to sport or trying to keep up with a toddler, Dr. Beck will help you be the best athlete for life! She gives pertinent exercises to each patient to do at home. Just one example of how Dr. Beck goes the extra mile. 

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Dr. Beck Forsland

Is a graduate of the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon (2020). She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology in 2020 and a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology and Art in 2008. Dr. Beck founded and managed a yoga studio in Michigan until 2016 before moving to Oregon to begin her doctorate degree. She is in the process of completing her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (2023).

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